Bike Fitting at Sunsport Performance Hub

How can I benefit from a bike fit?

At SunSport we use a combination of variables, including a client questionnaire, functional and flexibility assessments, fitter experience and ergonomic bike positioning system to ensure the best possible fit.

SunSport Performance Hub bike fitting service is available to all of our customers regardless of the make, model or style of bike you ride. The aim of the assessment is to optimise your position for comfort, reduce the risk of injury and improve performance.


The Performance Fit enables us to take the rider into account whilst setting the bike up. Time is taken to acquire a client history and assessment to determine where the rider should be. A report will be provided detailing what has been done and the position your bike is now in.

We optimise saddle position, handlebar and stem, and the critical and complex foot/pedal interface. This option is designed to optimise your riding position at all 3 contact points (saddle, pedal and H/bars) and is delivered to meet your riding style, aims and objectives. Time Taken:- 2 to 3 hours

Ideal for someone who wants a bike set up to take them into account. Particularly suited to people who ride regularly over longer distances, Sportives and competitive events.

SunSport Coaching Performance Hub can offer an unbiased professional bike fit, utilising physical body measurements, accurate ergonomic bike fit positioning system and physical therapy support if required.

  • 14 point body scan (both sides of your body) highlighting any differences
  • In addition any injuries will be taken into account with a comprehensive questionnaire generated by the initial bike scan, these will cover
  • Information on you seat position and any problems
  • Information on your body, covering any past injuries or problems newly encountered
  • Information about your bike, taking a bike scan, as a “before and after”showing differences on set up of your
  • bike and giving you an optimised riding position.
  • A report is generated for you to keep and takes roughly 120 – 130 mins


  • 5 point body scan
  • Laser scan of your existing bike or new bike
  • Laser adjustment of your old or new bike
  • Parts can be replaced as required
  • A report is generated for you to keep and takes roughly 50 – 60 min


For all Bike Fit bookings give us a call on 0161 2152578 or email us at  and we can arrange a time and day for you to come in.

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